Eddy's 11 Essentials for Sales Success by Eddy Mindlin

Eddy's 11 Essentials for Sales Success


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1. Organization & Time Management – 
The single most requested topic Eddy is asked to speak about is how sales people can organize their prospecting and customer meeting time. Using the image of a "tube," Eddy gives both new and experienced sales professionals specific tools to effectively manage their businesses.

2. Follow Up – 
You probably have read that most sales happen after at least seven contacts with your prospect. Yet, most salespeople stop after two or three; or can't remember what the next step is with each of the customers they are working with. Having an effective follow up process is vital to your business success. In this presentation Eddy shares the system he has developed over 30 plus years as a sales professional.
3. Sales Psychology –
As salespeople we spend our days interacting with other people, and each one of those communications is unique. How can we develop techniques that will help to be most effective with each of the prospects we deal with? What can we do to better understand them, and clearly state our value proposition in a meaningful way? In this important presentation Eddy discusses the psychology of selling, and offers suggestions for improving your human interaction.
4. Passion -
If there is one word that describes Eddy Mindlin's philosophy on selling it would be passion. How to inject more passion into your presentations, clients, your entire career is the focus of this inspiring video presentation.  
5.  Listening & Communication –
As salespeople we are often criticized for talking too much… "always selling" is how many prospects describe us. The reality is that if we could learn how to effectively listen to prospects and respond with specific information that is relevant to their needs we could capture more sales. Mastering this foundational skill is vital for your success, and Eddy shares some techniques for doing that in this powerful video.

6. Relationship Management –
How do you build the solid, long term client relationships that result in a consistent stream of new and renewal sales for your client base? What are the proactive actions that you as a sales professional can take with, and for your customers to retain their good will and business long term? How do you turn customers into raving fans? In this video Eddy shares proven strategies to accomplish this.
7. Cold Calling –
For many salespeople, making cold calls is the least enjoyable part of the job. In this presentation Eddy shares the strategies that he has used for more than thirty years to turn cold prospecting into a game that results in meetings with new decision makers and generating new business.

8. Sales Techniques –
There is not a "magic formula" for sales success. However, there are some actions that you can take as a sales professional that will increase your book of clients and help you grow your career. In this very practical training session, Eddy shares the day to day disciplines that the most successful sales people have incorporated into their schedules.
9.  Online Sales – 
In the last decade, effective selling online has become mandatory for many companies. Just because you are not meeting your prospects and customers face to face does not mean that building relationships and effective follow up systems are no longer important. To increase your online market share you must do these basics correctly, and Eddy shares how to incorporate "old school" selling methods into this new world of selling online.
10. Retail Sales – 
Contrary to what many people believe, retail sales are not a "one and done" interaction. The true retail professional uses some of the same business management principals as the outside salesperson who calls on customers. In this powerful video learn how to turn prospects who are "just looking," into first time customers and then long term clients.
11. Inside Sales –
Whether you answer inbound prospect and customer calls, or have a list that you regularly reach out to and follow up with, or both; Eddy has suggestions to help you stay organized as you manage this book of business. Even though your work is primarily by telephone, you too can have a relationship with your prospects. Eddy will show you how. 

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